Safety Procedures

Safety of the Child

Ensuring the safety of the child is always top priority.

  • The school facility features a bright, well ventilated and suitably equipped environment. Great care and effort has been made to ensure the safety and security of the children with regard to every aspect of the school facility. The faculty and management are committed towards this task.
  • Due consideration is also being given to the child’s departure procedures by way of maintaining folders with photos and ids of adults duly authorized for pick up, among others. A child’s recognition of the non-parent is not considered reliable and will be crosschecked.
  • Smoking is prohibited in and around the school premises.
  • Mobile phones to be used with discretion in the school premises.


“There is in a child a special kind of sensitivity which leads him to absorb everything about him, and it is this work of observing and absorbing that alone enables him to adapt himself to life.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori, Absorbent Mind