General Policy


Admissions and Application

  • Children will be admitted to Mitra subject to an opening in the classroom and discretion of the Director, based on the information provided on a completed application form as well as from personal interviews/discussions with the parents.
  • The child should be 2 1/2 years of age at the time of admission for a full-day session.
  • Application for admission is issued at the school at all times, if an opening is available. If there are no vacancies you may leave your child’s details and you will be contacted as soon there is an opening.
  • The child is officially enrolled in the programme when the school has received the fees for the year and is binding for the school year.(See ‘Financial terms and Enrollment terms’)

Financial terms/ Enrollment terms

  • Enrollment agreement covers the school year, a 12 month period. School fee is payable in the beginning of the year, in full.
  • Fees schedule will be discussed in person and varies with the Option chosen for the child (See ‘Fees’).
  • A one-time admission fee is payable at the time of admission.
  • A material fee is charged annually. This amount is payable in the beginning of the year.
  • Fees to be paid by cheque or direct bank transfer only.
  • No adjustments are made in the school year tuition fee for sick days, absentee days, vacation days, school holidays and school vacations. This is consistent with the practice of pre-schools in Bangalore.
  • Every school year, the tuition fee schedule will be reviewed to account for changes in cost items such as teacher salaries, property taxes, utilities and maintenance among other items.
  • Parents will be notified of change, which will then go into effect in June of the following school year.


The Fee Schedule for your child will depend on the option below:

  • Full-day session – 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Extended-day session – 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm (only for Mitra children eligible by age to join Grade 1)
  • The Fee schedule is discussed in person with the School’s director.

Child/ Staff Privacy

Mitra values the privacy of each family and staff that is enrolled and will keep personal and private information secure. Phone numbers, addresses or birthdays of families and staff will not be shared unless approved.

“The freedom that is given to the child is not liberation from parents and teachers; it is not freedom from the laws of Nature or of the state or of society, but the utmost freedom for self-development and self-realization compatible with service to society.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori, What You Should Know About Your Child