Director’s Note

A. Shaila Holla, Director

Dear Parent,

Every child is unique and special.  I seek to partner with you to identify, harness and help develop your child’s skills and abilities.

Early childhood experiences are critical to building a strong foundation for whatever career your child may eventually pursue.  In my case, for example, the early formal training in sports coupled with strong academic schooling prepared me to continuously develop my motor skills and other aspects of my personality, which has held me in good stead in my adult life.

My evolution as a teacher goes back to the days of representing Karnataka in Badminton at the National level for over 10 years. Playing this game at the highest level for the country has given me the realization that how skill building and discipline were greatly facilitated by strong foundations cast in the early years of my development.  Sport at the highest level is all about confidence and a positive attitude. My training in Neuro Linguistic Programming has taught me to observe and appreciate how children code information to create mental maps that influence beliefs and behaviors.

My passion to collaborate with a child in his/her early development led me away from a successful career in Information Technology and directed me to be trained in the Montessori method (3-6 yrs) of teaching at an AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) affiliated centre in Hyderabad.  The classroom training has been put to good use with my practical experiences teaching, playing, and learning from children in both India and Abroad.

During my three-year stint in the United States, I worked along with established innovators in preschool nurturing to create programs that breathe warmth to encourage children to open out and explore freely to build healthy relationships.

I look forward to meeting you, as a first step, to what I believe will make a difference in your child’s development.  Subsequently, I would like to partner with you and play a significant role in your child’s life, in providing for a strong foundation and confidence to prepare your child for the ever-changing realities of our current environment.


A. Shaila Holla
M.Com, Diploma in Computer Programming, AMI Certified Montessori