Health Care

Illness and Medication

  • Parents are not allowed to bring in a child sick or show symptoms of illness in case of fever, diarrhea, vomit, until the child is free of these symptoms for at least 24 hrs.
  • If the child shows symptoms of illness while in school, the parent will be notified and should pick up their child immediately to prevent aggravation and seek early medical assistance.
  • If your child feels sick and is unable to participate in normal activities of the school he/she should be away from school to ensure the safety of not only your child but other children.
  • Other than the basic safety aid, the school will not administer any medication to the child without the prior permission of the parent.

 Emergency care

  • If at any time a child should be involved in an accident in school the parent will be notified immediately. Emergency contact information of parents and guardian will be maintained.
  • Accidents: In case of a minor accident, first aid boxes are kept in every room.  A serious emergency will be referred to a doctor affiliated to the school immediately.
  • Closings:  Unlisted holidays due to any untoward incidents or emergency closings will be notified to the parent through SMS, email, bulletin board or newspapers.


  • The school will provide nutritionally balanced snacks in the morning. Milk will also be served on occasions.
  • The school will not cater lunch.

“The parent’s role is that of a guardian, not a creator”
– Dr. Maria Montessori, Secret of Childhood